casting services



Whether you need one or hundreds of parts, MODAL can meet your needs. With over 20 years of experience in RTV silicone tooling and polyurethane casting, we have developed innovative techniques that allow us to produce high quality molded parts and keep costs low. We create polyurethane castings that often match or exceed the quality of injection molded parts in appearance and function without the cost of injection mold tooling. Soft tooling also offers the ability to mold difficult geometry, such as undercuts and variable wall thickness, which would be expensive or even impossible with hard tooling.

MODAL works with top resin manufacturers like BJB Enterprises, PTM&W, Hapco, and Innovative Polymers to offer an enormous variety of materials. Options include soft elastomers with high elongation, high impact rigid polymers, flame and UV resistant as well as medical grade materials. We offer clear, tinted, cast-in color, or painted parts to meet your specifications.