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Leading Edge Professional Technologies

MODAL offers leading edge 3D printing services with professional, production-level capabilities featuring Stratasys Fortus FDM and Objet Polyjet printing systems. Don't be fooled, not all 3D printing systems are created equal and neither are the operators for those systems. You can be assured that 3D printed parts from MODAL Design Works were built on some of the best systems in the industry by our trained users...these aren't entry-level machines operated by people who also help you ship cookies to Grandma. 

We can use your existing CAD files or create new geometry from drawings you supply using SolidWorks or SpaceClaim Engineer. The standard file type for 3D printing is STL and we can translate any of several file types (IGES, XT, STEP, etc.) out to an STL file that's optimized for the system designated for your parts.

FDM parts are available in ABS, ASA, or Polycarbonate. There are several options, including layer thickness (.005" up to .013") and material color. We typically stock natural ABS (ivory in color), natural and black ASA, and natural polycarbonate. Other colors may be available.

MODAL's Objet Eden 350V is a single-resin polyjet system that offers fine detail resolution and fast builds. There are several different resin options for the polyjet parts. MODAL typically stocks Vero Grey, Vero Black, and FC720C (clear/amber) rigid resins along with Tango Grey and Tango Black Plus elstomeric (rubber-like) resins.

MODAL also offers small-build (5"x5"x5") SLA parts in clear, black, and gray. This system is ideal for small organic shapes and excels with detailed surface textures. Items like jewelry models/patterns, figurines, and light-pipe parts do very, very well in MODAL's SLA system.