Prototypes are often the final step before a concept or design goes into production. A good prototype can easily answer many questions that no amount of computer analysis or simulation can.

MODAL has several options for creating prototypes, from simple one-off machined parts to complex assemblies involving all of our technologies (CNC Machining, 3D Printing, Cast Urethane), MODAL has a lot to offer our Clients for their Prototype needs.

This Gallery shows a range of prototypes that MODAL has been involved with, all fully functional and used for a variety of purposes ranging from fit & function verification to field testing and pre-production units for testing, marketing, and sales.

Fully Functional Prototypes using Cast Urethane and 3D printed components with OEM hardware.

Machined ABS and Polycarbonate with color & texture-matched Cast Urethane make up these Pre-Production Prototypes

Pre-Production "Tippet Dispenser" Marketing Samples: Cast Urethane "Band" over cast aluminum housings with Machined Acrylic and die-cut burlwood inlays

Fully Functional Machined Polycarbonate NVS Housing

Functional Machined Polycarbonate Helmet Mount and Faceshield Frame prototypes

Finished & Painted Housing Prototype Assembly, 3D Printed & Machined ABS parts

Cast Urethane, Machined ABS, and Metallic Spray Finishes are featured on these Fully Functional Prototypes

Cast Urethane, 3D Printed, and Machined ABS components make up these Fully Functional Prototypes

Machined ABS and Cast Urethane components with overmolded details, color, and texture matched finishes...Fully Functional Prototype

Cast urethane functional prototypes with elastomeric overmolded parts