There are times when you need a lot of parts: too many to machine or 3D print and not enough to justify the cost of injection molding. Cast polyurethane can bridge this gap. Perhaps your part design has thick cross sections or varied wall thicknesses or undercuts. These features can be expensive, impractical, and sometime impossible for hard tooling. RTV silicone tooling and cast polyurethane can be the solution to your production dilemmas.

This gallery shows just a few examples of how MODAL has fulfilled the unique production requirements of our customers. We have the expertise to take full advantage of the many benefits that RTV silicone tools and cast polyurethane have to offer.

Cast Urethane "Rubber" Production parts

Machined & Finished ABS Pattern for Cast Urethane Bezel Production

Color & texture-matched Cast Urethane Bezel Production

Cast Urethane Prototype Housings with elastomeric "grips", cast-in color and texture matching.

Medical Device Production: Cast Urethane Bezel and Base parts with threaded inserts, color and texture-matched paint.

Medical Device Production: Cast Urethane Bezel, Translucent Cover, and elastomeric feet, all color and texture-matched to Client specs.

Grip pattern used to make Grip tooling used to make actual Grips

Cast Urethane Production Parts awaiting insert installation and color/texture matched paint work.